if i was a girl,i would be a prettier girl than you. if i were a boy, ……….. :-/ well i am a boy.

if i was an alien,my negaron(???) would be prettier than you.

baon(not edible)707 😉 the pretty one!


me when i was 8

368dont worry im the kid on the right.

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merry-late christmas everyone.

hey im just wonderin……….but u guyz wanna have a party? if u do it could be on:

december 30.

all throughout the night.

and on fjord.i know noone goes on there anymore but fjord was a rlly fun place so lets just bring back old memories.and at the dock. c ya 🙂

bacon(not edible)707     (see i remembered the not edible part)

im back

but not for long. tompot and fliper are both non members??? so theres not much point playing cp anymore im tired of disney(there gay) im tired of cp  im never on anymore i have an xbox360 now and my live gamertag is lordlytomaz. im a member on runescape but im not on that pice of crap much and i just want to get on with life also my laptops as slow as hell so i can’t make vids or animations because hypercam and what ever i use for animations can’t remember but i have jing on the computer so at least that works and its 8:00 in wales so i cant really update now because of a ton of news i dont know what to say now so tompot signing out



Well, ninjas are at the most, a month away. Why do I say that? Because of this:


AND, this:


Notice the gray color on the penguin. Look at the hands and the neck.

And last I checked, the Dojo was a room, and not a tower:


This is just so weird, what’s in the square seems to be the opening, while the tower is circled. If you’re confused too, you’re not alone.

Now Club Penguin confused me, great…

Well lets see what your average penguin is saying about this:

“Well, Club Penguin has been making everything members only like the rooms. And that’s just gonna’ tick me off if they (ninjas) are member only.” -Greencomet5

A good point? YES. Club Penguin has gone members only lately, and what they established is a fear from the nonmembers. They’ve got nonmembers thinking that ever thing is going to be members-only.

So? What’s Club Penguin going to do about this?
Make it for non-members. Case and point.

Now, this seems to be the only bad thing about ninjas. Right? Well, for once, yes… I don’t see what else could go wrong here. However, just with the fact that if they do make that members only. ALL HECK WILL BREAK LOSE. There’s seems to be no end to the member only chaos. If this is what Club Penguin aims for, they can expect to not last more then a few more years.

So instead of talking all trash about the ninjas, lets look at the good things. We’ve been waiting 3 years, and still didn’t have ninjas until now. And Club Penguin thought of a creative way to bring in ninjas. And the stage was delayed so you know they’re putting tons of effort! WAIT A SECOND… The stage was delayed, although Club Penguin is being lazy, and should of have people working on the stage ahead of time. They should have stages planned out. Pure laziness.

Also, on the blog, they’re only posting the new penguins comments, BTW, those comments say:

“I wonder who the guy with the shovel is?”

They think people don’t know?! Also, has anyone noticed four things. First off, that I only seem to be talking about the bad things, and secondly there isn’t many good things to go around about ninjas. Thirdly the map changed, and I hate it. And I’m sure I’m not alone. Lastly, has anyone logged on and noticed no icons are on the screen? That’s a current glitch they have yet cease to fix.

So now I leave you with these polls:

And, if you haven’t noticed, my site name is now “The Daily Dart”. I want to get more of a newspaper site then to get that same old cheat kind of site. I hope you enjoyed this, because this took me forever to type up! See ya!

(This post is made by “The Daily Dart”, and was imported by Dart211 himself.)

That’s All For Now! So Until Then, Keep Waddlin’ Back!



here are the secrets to the Furniture Catalog (located in your igloo)

Click the Wall Chalkboard for the Chalkboard

Click the flames of the Pizza Oven to make them move. Then click them again for the Stainless Steel Fridge

Click the Green Note for the Guitar Stand

Click the Umbrella on the Table for the Blender

Arr! Today’s Talk like a Pirate Day.